Thursday, February 26, 2009


Tomorrow we'll be heading north for the weekend-- first to Manteo, NC to visit with our talented friends at The Silver Bonsai (and to talk about the wedding rings they'll be making for us). Looking forward to the visit, and hoping our Lucy behaves herself....

Then it's up to Norfolk, where I'll be dropping Rob off and heading to the Hampton Convention Center for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. While I'm always interested in the exhibits and the competition entries, my focus this time will be the Superior Threads booth. I've completely fallen in love with their threads, especially the Nature Colors, which is what I'll be stocking up on for that commission-- more greens, browns, and nice wheaty yellows. The color range for their products is fantastic and I'm looking forward to being able to pick and choose in person. The website has a lot of information about needles, thread types, and troubleshooting... which I'm finding helpful now that I'm paying a bit more attention to what needles I'm using instead of just grabbing the same package every time.

Saturday night is Open That Bottle Of Wine Night, and we'll be spending it with dear friends and long-time wine drinking cohorts. I don't know what we'll be opening, but it's going to be good.

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