Thursday, March 5, 2009

back to work

Here again after a few days away. The trip went well and it was great to see friends...

Our drive back, on the other hand, was constant rain until we were nearly home. Cross a mountain top and suddenly, that all-day rain turned into 5" of snow and extremely low visibility. What would have been another 20 minutes to home became impassable, and we spent the night with a friend and finished that last little bit in the morning, when at least the boundaries of the road were visible. It was a bit of a shock since the most snowfall we'd had in a single run all winter was about 1".

The muslin for the big project arrived while we were away, and is now in the dyepot (also known as the bathtub) soaking out.

In the meantime, design board space is consumed with something I've been avoiding working on for a few months, which got a few additions today...

And a larger piece still in the rough "drawing" stages. I make a few sketches to get a handle on the shape I'm looking for, and then pull out the pile of pre-fused "paints" to start drawing and coloring in the form. I'm considering adding foliage, but haven't decided what season it is yet, and it'll have to wait until I've gotten some of the background quilting done so there isn't as much to work around.

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