Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just a brief one today....
The weather has turned lovely again, and the morning after it's been raining is always good. Soon that sunrise will be lighting up new leafy greens and I'll be heaving a big sigh of relief. Generally, I'm a bigger fan of cold weather than warm, but it seems like this winter has gone on for too long- maybe it's being home all the time, maybe it's the depressing economic news and I shouldn't have the radio on all day... Any way you look at it, spring makes for good mental juju.

I've been watching it mostly from the windows of the studio, as I'm scrambling to finish up work and preparations for Howard St. Handmade this weekend. I'm very excited, a bit anxious, and can't wait for it to come so I can stop fretting. :) Also trying to balance that with continuing work on the big project... photos next time, maybe. So until next week, I'll be enjoying those pear blossoms from the behind the glass.

In the meantime, my back brain will be meditating on and thinking good thoughts for my parents as Mom has knee surgery this week, and Dad is staying home to help out. Hopefully they'll enjoy the time together and not make each other crazy-- it has been a long time in the planning, aand I hope that she'll feel better when it's all over.

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